Inglourious Basterds (2009) dir. Quentin Tarantino


Ian Somerhalder in Moscow (May 25, 2013)

Films I loved » Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)

Paul Varjak: You know what’s wrong with you, Miss Whoever-you-are? You’re chicken, you’ve got no guts. You’re afraid to stick out your chin and say, “Okay, life’s a fact, people do fall in love, people do belong to each other, because that’s the only chance anybody’s got for real happiness.” You call yourself a free spirit, a “wild thing,” and you’re terrified somebody’s gonna stick you in a cage. Well baby, you’re already in that cage. You built it yourself. And it’s not bounded in the west by Tulip, Texas, or in the east by Somali-land. It’s wherever you go. Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself.

Get To Know Me Meme: 4/5 Favorite Male Characters

Rayon, Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

"God, when I meet you, I’m gonna be pretty, if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll be a beautiful angel"


It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change.

I love getting told no ‘cause then I fight even more.

Detail at Chanel Couture Fall Winter 2014 | PFW

Detail at Chanel Couture Fall Winter 2014 | PFW